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Advantages and disadvantages of customized electric winches
Advantages and disadvantages of customized electric winches
分类:Industry News 时间: 2022-07-19 15:47
customized electric winch

Customized electric winches are the most common type of winches, relying on the vehicle's own electrical system to drive the winch. The operating voltage of the customized electric winch: 380V, 220V, and 110V are high voltages. 36V, 24V, 12V are low voltage (12V is DC. 220V is AC).

customized electric winch
Advantages and disadvantages of customized electric winches:
Advantages: The customized electric winch can be basically used normally when the vehicle is dead (this is its biggest advantage, which is unmatched by other winches), especially for areas with a lot of water, it is easy to install and can be installed in multiple locations and quickly. shift.
Disadvantages: It cannot be used for a long time (the vehicle's own power system is limited, it is easy to heat itself, etc.), most of the customized electric winches can provide a small driving force, and can only apply force in one direction (installed in front of the vehicle can only be used to Pull forward, installed in the rear can only be pulled back).


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