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Common failure modes of crane reducers
Common failure modes of crane reducers
分类:company news 时间: 2020-09-23 11:19
Common failure modes of crane reducers

The crane reducer has the following major characteristics due to its working environment: high carrying capacity, small size, light weight, high efficiency, low noise and low vibration.

Due to the long-term operation of the reducer gear, the gear teeth will fail, that is, the gear teeth will be damaged or permanently deformed under load. The deformation of the gear will affect the transmission quality at a slight degree, and will cause the gear to lose its working ability. The technicians of Gundam Heavy Industries summarized the form of gear failure based on years of work experience, and further improved the safety maintenance work of the reducer.

The common failure modes of reducer are: fatigue pitting, tooth surface wear, tooth surface gluing, plastic deformation and gear breaking.

1. Fatigue pitting. In the gear transmission of the reducer, the most common failure form of the gear teeth is fatigue pitting. The so-called pitting is the appearance of "pits" on the plane of gear movement. The continued expansion of "pits" will cause uneven tooth surfaces, causing vibration and noise, pitting corrosion will also be aggravated, and finally the gear will lose transmission ability.

2. Tooth surface wear. If the lubricating oil contains impurities, the resulting wear usually has a deep scraping path at the tooth tip and tooth root. After the scraping path appears, the oil temperature in the reducer rises, and the gear drive emits a sharp noise. This must be replaced. lubricating oil.

3. Gluing. Due to heavy load and high speed, improper lubrication or poor heat dissipation, if the tooth surface is severely glued, the gear will lose its transmission ability. To prevent gluing, high-viscosity lubricating oil should be used in low-speed and heavy-duty gear transmissions, or the hardness and surface roughness of the tooth surface should be appropriately increased.

4. Plastic deformation. For soft tooth surfaces, due to overload or excessive friction coefficient, plastic deformation of the tooth surface can occur.

5. The gear is broken. When the gear is working, because the dangerous surface stress exceeds the limit stress, the gear teeth may be partially or completely broken, and the impact load may also cause the broken teeth, and the broken tooth gear cannot be used continuously.


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