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Customized Lifting Equipment for a Wide Range of Uses
Customized Lifting Equipment for a Wide Range of Uses
分类:Industry News 时间: 2022-09-08 14:16
customized lifting equipment

Most customized lifting equipment starts a vertical or vertical and horizontal working stroke after reclaiming the material, unloads it after reaching the destination, and then idly travels to the reclaiming location, completes a working cycle, and then carries out the second hoisting or handling. Generally speaking, when the customized lifting equipment is working, material reclaiming, transportation and unloading are carried out in sequence, and the work of each corresponding mechanism is intermittent. The customized lifting equipment is mainly used for handling finished items. It can handle bulk materials such as coal, ore, and grain when equipped with a grab bucket, and can lift liquid materials such as molten steel when equipped with a ladle. Some lifting equipment such as elevators can also be used to carry people. In some occasions, the customized lifting equipment is still the main working machine, for example, the crane for loading and unloading materials in ports and stations is the main working machine.

customized lifting equipment
Various types of customized lifting equipment have different uses and great differences in structure, but they all have hoisting mechanisms that realize the basic action of raising and lowering. Some customized lifting equipment also has a running mechanism, a luffing mechanism, a slewing mechanism or other special working mechanisms. The material can be suspended and lifted by flexible parts such as steel wire rope or lifting chain, and can also be lifted by screws or other rigid parts.


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