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Customized electric hoist installation precautions
Customized electric hoist installation precautions
分类:HOIST MOTOR NEWS 时间: 2022-05-28 08:16
customized electric hoist

Customized electric hoist installation precautions:
1. To install the customized electric hoist, you need to install the chain box first.
2. Connect the power cord: When connecting the power cord, cut off the power supply in advance, and the grounding wire should be well grounded, otherwise the operator may feel electric shock when touching any part of the hoist or chain.
3. Lubricate customized electric hoist load chain: The degree of lubrication of the chain is an important factor affecting the service life of the load chain. Lubricate the load chain in a timely and effective manner to ensure its effective service life.

customized electric hoist
4. Check the arrangement of the chain: For multi-row chain electric hoists, make sure the lower hook frame does not turn over. If flipped, put it back to normal to make sure the welded joints of the chain line up.
5. Check the working voltage: Since the customized electric hoist is a user-specified voltage or a higher voltage device (only dual voltage), such as 230/460V, it is necessary to check whether it meets the power supply voltage requirements.
If it does not meet the requirements, please refer to the instruction manual to make corrections to meet the working voltage requirements.
Special Note: If the customized electric hoist is installed at an inappropriate voltage, it may cause serious damage to the customized electric hoist. To prevent this, you need to ensure that the wiring meets the requirements of the required power supply.


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