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Do you know the wholesale electric winch
Do you know the wholesale electric winch
分类:Industry News 时间: 2022-07-29 16:53
wholesale electric winch

The wholesale electric winch is powered by the car itself to drive the motor to drive the noose. This winch is convenient because it can be manipulated by the knob on the remote control from anywhere. The advantage of an electric winch is that it can be used as long as the battery has power. It is usually installed in a small space, the smaller and lighter the better.
Simply put, the internal working mechanism of the wholesale electric winch is: the electric power from the car first drives the motor, and then the motor drives the drum to rotate, the drum drives the drive shaft, and the drive shaft drives the planetary gear, thereby generating a strong torque. The torque is then transferred back to the drum, which drives the wholesale electric winch. There is a clutch between the motor and the reducer that can be switched on and off with a handle. The brake unit is inside the drum, and the drum locks automatically when the noose is taut.

wholesale electric winch
In practical application, some auxiliary items are indispensable when using the wholesale electric winch, such as gloves, which can safely protect the hands. In addition, if you want to attach the wholesale electric winch to a tree, you will need a strap, a u-shaped lug, and a tie-line pulley. The strap is used to fix the fulcrum. Its ideal length is 1.5-2. O meters; U-shaped lifting lugs can connect hooks, straps and electric winches. Therefore, it is better to prepare several sizes of lifting lugs; when using double or triple lines, when changing the pulling direction, you need a pulley for tightening the line.
In a nutshell, operating the wholesale electric winch can be divided into three steps: installation, fixing the fulcrum and pulling.


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