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How t choose an discount electric hoist
How t choose an discount electric hoist
分类:Electric Wire Rope Hoist News 时间: 2022-06-09 08:29
How to choose an discount electric hoist!

Discount Electric hoist, referred to as electric hoist, is a light and small lifting equipment. Most discount electric hoists are operated by people using buttons on the ground, or they can also be operated in the driver's cab or controlled by wired (wireless) remote control. Discount Electric hoist is a special kind of lifting equipment, which is installed on overhead cranes and gantry cranes. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, simple operation and convenient use. It is used in industrial and mining enterprises, storage terminals and other places. The lifting weight is generally 0.1 to 80 tons, and the lifting height is 3 to 30 meters. It consists of a motor, a transmission mechanism and a drum or sprocket, and is divided into two types: wire rope electric hoist and chain electric hoist. Electric chain hoists are divided into two types: imported and domestic; wire rope electric hoists are divided into CD1 type (single-speed lift), MD1 type (two-speed lift); micro electric hoist, hoist, multi-function hoist.

discount electric hoist!
How to choose an discount electric hoist?
Discount Electric hoist is currently the most widely used equipment in industrial lifting equipment. Everyone knows that there are many types of electric hoists, such as electric chain hoists, electric wire rope hoists, and miniature electric hoists. But do you really know how to choose an discount electric hoist?
According to the weight and height of the application, select the corresponding electric hoist. The other is the electric chain hoist below 5T, the wire rope is used for the wire rope larger than 5T, the explosion-proof electric hoist is used if there are special requirements, and the low headroom is selected if the lifting height is required. For electric hoists, use miniature electric hoists with limited space or frequent movement. If you want to use them for a long time, choose M4 or above, and use domestic electric hoists if you want to be cheap.


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