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How to choose a suitable hoist motor for Industry
How to choose a suitable hoist motor for Industry
分类:HOIST MOTOR NEWS 时间: 2022-05-22 08:41
hoist motor for Industry

There is a very important electrical equipment on the crane, that is, the motor. The lifting and running of the crane are inseparable from the use of hoist motor for Industry. However, there are so many types and types of hoist motor for Industry, how to choose a suitable hoist motor for Industry?
First of all, we should know the relevant parameters of the crane, and draw a rough selection standard for the performance requirements of the crane on the starting, braking, speed regulation, load, torque, synchronization and other aspects of the motor.

hoist motor for Industry
Usually, when choosing hoist motor for industry, you must consider the model, type, rated speed, rated voltage, and rated power of hoist motor for Industry, as well as the manufacturer of hoist motor for Industry, after-sales maintenance guarantee, service life, Special properties such as corrosion resistance and other factors.
Secondly, when selecting hoist motor for Industry, it is also necessary to consider whether the shape, structure, weight, etc. of the motor itself can be compatible with the crane, and whether the motor can adapt to the environmental conditions, working system, working load, etc. of the crane application conditions. 
The third thing to consider is the quality of hoist motor for industry. If conditions permit, you can visit in person to learn about the product information. If it is inconvenient, it is recommended to buy samples and come back to study and understand. If you feel that the quality is good, you can establish a cooperative relationship.
The last point is after-sales service, you must choose a manufacturer with after-sales service guarantee.


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