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How to choose a winch
How to choose a winch
分类:Industry News 时间: 2022-08-12 08:21

How to choose a winch?
Regarding the choice of winch, you need to consider the following aspects.
1. What kind of car should the winch be installed on?
What kind of car did you buy the winch on? This directly determines what kind of winch you want to buy and what type of winch you want.
However, when buying a winch, in addition to considering the pulling force, you also have to consider: how to install it after buying it?
For example, there are some cars that you don't want to make major modifications to. Then, consider installing a quick-release winch. It can be disassembled when you don't need it, and it can save fuel.
For another example, although some cars have room for modification, if they are equipped with a larger winch, the front of the car may be too heavy and the approach angle will decrease. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively consider whether it can be installed...

2. How to use the winch?
How to play off-road is usually preferred, which also affects how to choose a winch.
For example: Ordinary four-wheel drive users usually just play off-road simply, and occasionally drive in the suburbs, then an ordinary winch is enough to deal with it. However, if you like to play extreme off-road such as snow, muddy roads, and sand, the requirements for the winch are very high.
For example, if you are deep in a mud pit and you can't get out of the trap even with the four-wheel drive activated, it means that you are deep in the mud. Then, the weight of the car in the direction of travel in the mud is not equal to its own weight. Therefore, if the winch does not have sufficient It is very difficult to get out of the potential pull.
Therefore, when choosing a winch, you need to choose it according to your own off-road habits!


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