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How to choose an overhead hoist manufacturer
How to choose an overhead hoist manufacturer
分类:Overhead Hoist News 时间: 2022-12-31 10:58
overhead hoist manufacturer

1. The strength of the overhead hoist manufacturer: As the overhead hoist is a large piece of mechanical equipment, the strength of the manufacturer is more important. You can go to the overhead hoist manufacturer to learn about the company's scale, production equipment and related production qualifications. For some small factories, there must be a certain gap with large factories in terms of production technology, technical support and after-sales service. Therefore, it is more guaranteed to choose a good overhead hoist manufacturer.
2. The design level of overhead hoist manufacturers: the design level mainly refers to electrical control, because more than half of the failures of cranes occur in the electrical control system. The electrical controls of general crane manufacturers are basically universal, that is, the electrical controls of 5-ton cranes adopt the same design regardless of other parameters. The electrical control of a good overhead hoist manufacturer is independently designed according to different parameters. This can greatly reduce the failure rate and prolong the service life of the crane.
3. After-sales service of overhead hoist manufacturers: There will inevitably be various problems in the use of overhead hoists, so having good after-sales service can save a lot of worry. Some small factories adopt low-price competition, but they will greatly discount the later service, even There is no after-sales service to speak of. This will bring a lot of trouble to our future use. Better overhead hoist manufacturers generally have a warranty period and can help us solve problems in a more timely manner.


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