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How to derust the quality overhead hoist
How to derust the quality overhead hoist
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quality overhead hoist

How to derust the quality overhead hoist?
1. When the quality overhead hoist needs to be shut down for maintenance, it is necessary to check the surface of the whole machine in detail, and the paint film on the surface of each part is not damaged.
2. In the process of antirust, don't ignore the movable parts of the quality overhead hoist, which is very critical. For these parts, you can use -10 or -20 diesel oil for brushing, which can not only remove the substances that are easy to corrode the equipment, but also form an oil film on the metal surface to resist low temperature.
3. If during the inspection process, it is found that the paint film of the metal structure of the quality overhead hoist is damaged, then these damaged places should be cleaned, and then coated with antirust paint and other antirust paint for these places. Protect it from rain or snow, the metal surface will not be corroded due to weather problems.
4. In addition to cleaning and lubricating with diesel oil, apply a layer of lubricating oil. It is best to choose calcium-based or lithium-based grease, because they have a good effect on maintaining the performance of the quality overhead hoist in all aspects, and when the quality overhead hoist is used again, these greases will be easier to remove.


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