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How to extend the life of Monorail hoist chain
How to extend the life of Monorail hoist chain
分类:Industry News 时间: 2021-11-23 17:29
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The manufacturer of Monorail hoist tells you that the life of some lifting products can be prolonged. The key is how to save it after use. Monorail hoist manufacturer will take the chain as an example to explain how to save it in order to extend its life and save it. cost. Divided into three parts.

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1. Avoid storage in a humid environment and chemical reaction to form rust, which will damage the quality of Monorail hoist chain.
2. Don't put it in a place where the temperature is too high or in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight, the temperature of the Monorail hoist chain surface will increase, heat expansion and contraction, changing the physical characteristics of the chain, causing damage or damage during use. Tooth loss.
3. Placing the Monorail hoist chain in a corrosive chemical environment will severely corrode the surface of the chain sprocket. Generally, most of the chains used in the corrosive environment are galvanized chains or nickel-plated chains.
Therefore, the extended life of the Monorail hoist chain is related to preservation.


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