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How to maintain the specialize overhead hoist during the idle period
How to maintain the specialize overhead hoist during the idle period
分类:Overhead Hoist News 时间: 2023-01-26 15:28
specialize overhead hoist

Specialize overhead hoists suffer varying degrees of damage even during idle periods. Therefore, scientific and standardized storage and maintenance are also very important for specialize overhead hoists. So what are the precautions for specialize overhead hoists during the idle period?
Specialize overhead hoists cannot enter the storage stage anytime and anywhere. If you want to store them for a long time, you must first do sufficient maintenance work, such as repairing or replacing damaged parts in the specialize overhead hoist. ;Carry out a thorough cleaning of every corner to ensure its cleanliness and good performance.
It is necessary to paint the part of the plastic shell where the paint is peeled off, and some exposed metal parts should be greased with butter to prevent them from rusting during storage.

specialize overhead hoist
For specialize overhead hoists, the diesel engine is one of the key equipment, so pay attention to these regulations when storing. Drain the cooling water in the engine and replace it with new engine oil to prevent corrosion of metal components. In addition, fill the diesel fuel tank with diesel engine to avoid rusting of the diesel fuel tank.
There are also strict regulations on the selection of the storage space of the specialize overhead hoist. Try to store it in a dry room without dirt. After specifying the specific address, lay wood boards under the ground before the specialize overhead hoist can be parked. above. Don't forget to put a cover on the top cover of the specialize overhead hoist, which has the effect of anti-fouling.
During the period when the specialize overhead hoist is idle, it is necessary to start the diesel engine on time, as far as possible once a month. The purpose is to make each component of the specialize overhead hoist get new slick oil according to the operation. Avoid it from rusting.


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