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Installation process of quality electric winch
Installation process of quality electric winch
分类:Industry News 时间: 2022-08-01 08:54
quality electric winch

The specific installation process is as follows:
1. Insert the remote control;
2. Do not let the remote control wire hang;
3. Open the noose, release the noose a little with the remote control, and then open the noose hook installed on the side of the quality electric winch;
4. Open the clutch. Note, be sure to open the hook before opening the clutch.
5. Hold the noose hook by hand. When pulling the noose off the drum, hold the hook with one hand so that no matter how long the noose is pulled, the hook will not be out of reach.
6. After pulling the noose to the fulcrum, lock the clutch.

quality electric winch
Next is the fixed pivot:
No matter what kind of quality electric winch is used, it cannot reach its full potential without a secure pivot. That said, securing the pivot is a crucial step when using an quality electric winch.
When using an quality electric winch, a strap is also required to connect the winch, the fulcrum and the noose hook and U-shaped lug. If the quality electric winch does not have enough power to drag the heavy object with a single wire, it needs to be strengthened with a double wire, and a tight wire pulley is also required at this time.
Another point to note is that when using a tree as a fulcrum, use the widest part of the strap to prevent the strap from getting caught in the bark and damage the tree, and be sure to tie the left and right ends of the strap to the two sides of the hanging lugs, respectively. The straps should be the same length. Then start dragging.


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