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Installation requirements for customized overhead hoist
Installation requirements for customized overhead hoist
分类:Overhead Hoist News 时间: 2023-01-05 17:41
customized overhead hoist

Installation requirements for customized overhead hoist:
1. Before installing the customized overhead hoist, you must first understand the safety conditions of the installation site and the surrounding unsafe factors. The foundation of the tower body is firm, flat, with drainage facilities, and the bearing capacity of the foundation meets the requirements of the specification.
2. When the personnel who install the customized overhead hoist enter the construction site, they must wear labor protection equipment, and must fasten their safety belts when working at heights.
3. For installation work at high places, when the cooperation of other personnel is required, the work can only be started after the other party has responded. The tools used by the staff must be bagged and carried with them. When they need to be passed by others, they must not be thrown.

customized overhead hoist
4. The installation of the customized overhead hoist should be carried out when the wind force is less than level 5. In case of severe weather such as heavy rain and fog, the installation must be stopped.
5. During the installation process of the customized overhead hoist, special personnel must be assigned to direct it.
6. The operation should be carried out in the daytime. If it is necessary to work at night under special circumstances, sufficient lighting equipment must be provided.
7. Personnel shall be specially assigned to take care of the power supply, operate the hydraulic system and fasten the bolts, and irrelevant personnel shall not enter the site where the customized overhead hoist is installed.


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