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Introduction to wholesale lifting equipment
Introduction to wholesale lifting equipment
分类:Industry News 时间: 2022-08-30 10:31
wholesale lifting equipment

The wholesale lifting equipment starts a vertical or vertical and horizontal working stroke after taking the material, unloads it after reaching the destination, and then idly travels to the reclaiming location to complete a working cycle, and then carries out the second hoisting or handling.
Hoisting machinery can also be called lifting equipment. It is an important tool and equipment for realizing mechanization and automation of production process in industrial, transportation and construction enterprises, reducing heavy manual labor and improving labor productivity. There are a large number of various types of wholesale lifting equipment in our country. Although the number of wholesale lifting equipment used in university laboratories is not large and the lifting tonnage is not large, due to the infrequent use of wholesale lifting equipment, its maintenance and safe operation are more important.

wholesale lifting equipment
Wholesale lifting equipment is a kind of handling machinery that lifts, lowers and moves materials in an intermittent manner. The operation of wholesale lifting equipment usually has the nature of repeated cycles. With the development of science and technology and production, the lifting equipment is constantly being improved and developed, and advanced electrical, optical and computer technologies have been applied to the wholesale lifting equipment. The trend is to increase the degree of automation, improve work efficiency and performance. , making the operation more simplified, labor-saving, safer and more reliable.


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