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Maintenance cycle of each mechanism of the crane for moving goods
Maintenance cycle of each mechanism of the crane for moving goods
分类:Industry News 时间: 2022-09-23 16:11
crane for moving goods

We often use crane for moving goods in various industrial production, and in order to ensure the performance of crane for moving goods, prolong the service life of crane for moving goods, and improve the safe production of lifting equipment, maintenance and repair must be done well. Today, let's learn about the maintenance and repair practices and maintenance cycles of various crane mechanisms.

crane for moving goods
Gearbox: Check whether the lubricating oil leaks and whether the oil temperature is normal. If the noise is normal during operation, open the inspection port of the reducer to check whether the high-speed shaft and gear meshing port are normal.
Brake system: oil pump, brake component inspection and maintenance (such as replacing worn brake pads, adjusting brakes, replacing worn parts).
Safety limit device: whether all limit checks work.
Main bearing parts: Check the main structural parts for cracks, deformation and corrosion.
Lubrication system: Check whether the oil circuit is smooth and whether there is oil leakage. Add lubricating oil to each lubrication point.
Heavy-load test drive: Check whether all parts are normal and whether there is any abnormal noise.
The inspection cycle of the above mechanism and the lifting mechanism, luffing mechanism, opening and closing mechanism, slewing mechanism and grab mechanism of the crane for moving goods are all once a month.
Wire rope: replace the hoisting, opening and closing, luffing wire rope. The maintenance and inspection cycle is every 6 months.


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