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Maintenance method of cheap electric hoist
Maintenance method of cheap electric hoist
分类:Electric Wire Rope Hoist News 时间: 2022-06-08 08:15
Cheap Electric hoist

Cheap Electric hoist is a commonly used lifting equipment, which has the characteristics of small size, light weight, simple operation and convenient use. It is used in industrial and mining enterprises, storage, docks and other places. Since the cheap electric hoist is widely used in the industry, the work has improved a high work efficiency. However, the cheap electric hoist will be worn and damaged for a long time, so we should regularly maintain and maintain the cheap electric hoist.

Cheap Electric hoist
Maintenance method of cheap electric hoist:
1. When the cheap electric hoist is not working, it is not allowed to hang heavy objects in the air to prevent permanent deformation of the parts.
2. The maintenance work of the cheap electric hoist must be carried out under no-load condition.
3. When adjusting the braking sliding amount of the cheap electric hoist, it should be ensured that under the rated load, the braking sliding amount S≤V/100 (V is the distance that the load can lift steadily in the next minute).
4. When oiling the wire rope, you should use a hard brush or a small wooden piece. It is strictly forbidden to oil the working wire rope directly by hand.
5. Wire rope scrapping standards: The inspection and scrapping of wire ropes shall be carried out in accordance with GB/T5972-1986 "Practical Specifications for Inspection and Scrapping of Wire Ropes for Hoisting Machinery".


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