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Monorail hoist product operation method and operating principle
Monorail hoist product operation method and operating principle
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Monorail hoist products can be divided into general Monorail hoist products and special Monorail hoist products according to their use. The operation principles of the two Monorail hoist products are as follows: First, install the Monorail hoist product, ignite the lifting motor, and lift the heavy objects to a moderate level. At height, re-ignite and operate the electric motor to transport the heavy objects to the designated position, and the rotating trolley walks on the lower edge of the single I-beam.

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The principle of designing Monorail hoist products:
When walking, an electric motor is used to drive the wheels on both sides of the trolley. Because the walking speed is relatively small, the running trolley usually does not have a braking organization. In order to prevent heavy objects from falling when the trolley is walking, an electromagnetic brake is arranged on the lifting organization. The manufacturer of Monorail hoist tells you that the brake is to rely on the pressure of the spring to compress the inner and outer discs. The principle is similar to the conflict clutch. When it is released, the electromagnet is energized and then the outer disc is sucked to release the inner and outer discs.
The manufacturer of Monorail hoist tells you that the circuit of the electromagnetic brake is connected in parallel with the circuit of the hoisting motor, so as long as the hoisting motor is ignited, the electromagnetic brake is released, allowing the weight to rise and fall freely; when the motor is turned off, the electromagnetic brake is also de-energized , The electromagnetic attraction is dissipated, and under the pressure of the spring, the inner and outer discs are firmly pressed to act as a brake.
In order to prevent incidents from exceeding the ascending limit address when lifting objects, Monorail hoist products usually install an ascending limiter at the lower part of the reel. When the load rises to the limit address, the pressure plate touches the limit switch, and the power is turned off to stop the continuous rise of the weight.
The stopper is used to prevent the hanging hook from rising beyond the limit address, so it cannot be used normally. Monorail hoist products are often used in single-line cranes, jib cranes and moving single-beam cranes. Monorail hoist products are widely used in workshops because of their simple structure, easy creation and inspection, good interchangeability, and easy operation.


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