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Monorail hoist troubleshooting
Monorail hoist troubleshooting
分类:Industry News 时间: 2021-07-12 16:23
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First consider the poor contact of the sliding contact line. When Monorail hoist passes through the trolley line interface, Monorail hoist often stops suddenly. In severe cases, the motor will be burned due to lack of phase. Some Monorail hoist trolley wires are in specially prepared semi-closed engineering plastic conduits, embedded with copper guide rails with insulating groove plates as power transmission busbars. Due to factors such as the quality of the trolley wire and the on-site environment, the plastic shell of the trolley wire is fragile and severely deformed during transportation and installation, which increases the installation difficulty of the trolley wire. The slip line and the slip line interface are prone to misalignment, causing the current collector to often have poor contact and phase loss or power failure when passing through the interface, and the Monorail hoist suddenly stops.

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The second consideration is the current collector, and the built-in spring supports the sliding carbon brush to contact the sliding wire. Environmental factors such as rainy and high air humidity in coastal areas, springs are easy to rust and fail, resulting in poor contact between carbon brushes and sliding wires. However, there is a chamfer in the position of the carbon brush contact. When the carbon brush enters the uneven sliding line interface, the Monorail hoist cannot successfully pass through the interface due to the small inertia, resulting in poor contact of a certain phase of the current collector.
Later consider the use of Monorail hoist. When the Monorail hoist hoisting equipment is used irregularly, all kinds of slanting and oblique hoisting occur. The Monorail hoist tilts due to the force, which drives the collector to deviate from the normal track, resulting in poor contact between the collector and the sliding line and lack of phase or open circuit, causing the Monorail hoist to suddenly Stop, when it is serious, the motor is often burnt due to lack of phase.
 In order to eliminate the bad condition of the current collector and the sliding contact line, we first strengthen the position of the sliding line interface to ensure that the interface is as flat as possible; secondly, replace the rusty spring of the current collector, and at the same time polish the carbon brush contacts to make the contacts more smooth. Eliminate the gap due to the unevenness of the sliding wire interface, and ensure that the contact can effectively contact the sliding wire copper rail. The latter is to strengthen the technical clarification of the personnel who use Monorail hoist, and use Monorail hoist in a correct and standard manner.


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