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Operation Precautions of overhead crane for Industry
Operation Precautions of overhead crane for Industry
分类:Industry News 时间: 2022-07-06 08:38
overhead crane for Industry

Operation Precautions of overhead crane for Industry:
(1) Limit switches and interlock protection devices should be checked frequently.
(2) It is not allowed to touch the limit switch as a way to stop.
(3) When there is a problem with the lifting brake, it is not allowed to lift heavy objects.
(4) The objects to be lifted are not allowed to run over people or equipment.
(5) When welding a certain part of the overhead crane for Industry, a special ground wire should be set up, and it is not allowed to use the fuselage as a ground wire.

overhead crane for Industry
(6) When the hook is in the lower limit position, there must be more than two safety rope loops on the drum.
(7) Overhead crane for Industry are not allowed to collide with each other, let alone use one crane to push another crane for work.
(8) When the overhead crane for Industry lifts heavier objects, liquid metal, explosive and dangerous goods, it must first slowly lift 100~200mm off the ground to test the reliability of the brake.
(9) The voltage of lighting lamps for repair and inspection must be below 36V.
(10) Bridge cranes should be regularly inspected for safety and technology, and pre-inspection and pre-repair work should be done well.


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