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Precautions for using customized electric winch
Precautions for using customized electric winch
分类:Industry News 时间: 2022-07-23 08:51
customized electric winch

Customized electric winches are the most common winches and rely on the vehicle's own electrical system to drive the winches.
Customized electric winch is a self-protection and traction device for vehicles and boats. It can be used for self-rescue or mutual rescue of vehicles in harsh environments such as snow, swamps, deserts, beaches, and muddy mountain roads. When the vehicle is in trouble in the wild, the customized electric winch is the most effective self-rescue tool.

customized electric winch
Precautions for using customized electric winch:
If you are pulling your own car with a noose and you are driving in the car, it is best to have someone outside the car assist. The driver can operate the winch on the car according to the command of the commander under the car.
When operating the customized electric winch, do not let your hand get too close to the rotating drum, or you may wind your hand in. The best way to prevent accidents is to stay away from the winch.
Customized electric winches are often used in harsh conditions, and repeated use will seriously affect their lifespan, and daily maintenance must not be ignored. For example, if the noose is twisted after use, be sure to loosen it, re-tighten it, and put it away. If the customized electric winch and noose get dirty, be sure to clean it thoroughly, preferably with a lubricant to prevent rust.


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