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Regulations for the use of quality monorail hoists
Regulations for the use of quality monorail hoists
分类:Monorail Hoist News 时间: 2022-11-28 15:08
quality monorail hoist

1. Before using the quality monorail hoist, check the mechanical and electrical parts of the equipment. The wire rope, hook, rope guide, limiter, etc. should be in good condition, the electrical part should have no leakage, and the grounding device should be in good condition.
2. The quality monorail hoist should be equipped with a buffer, and the two ends of the track should be equipped with baffles.
3. When lifting heavy objects for the first time at the beginning of the operation, stop when lifting 100mm from the ground, check the braking condition of the quality monorail hoist, and start the formal operation after confirming that it is in good condition.
4. Overload lifting is strictly prohibited. When lifting, hands must not be held between the rope and the object, and collisions should be strictly prevented when the hanging object rises.
5. Lifting objects should be tied firmly. When the quality monorail hoist lifts heavy objects, the height of the heavy objects should not exceed 1.5m from the ground. Do not hang heavy objects in the air during work intervals.

quality monorail hoist
6. If there are abnormalities such as peculiar smell and high temperature during the operation of the quality monorail hoist, stop the machine immediately for inspection, and continue to use it after troubleshooting.
7. When using the suspension cable electrical control switch, the insulation should be good, the sliding should be free, there should be 2m of space behind the standing position of the person and the button should be operated correctly.
8. During hoisting, when the heavy object falls out of control due to a fault, emergency measures must be taken to lower the heavy object to a place where there is no one.
9. It is strictly forbidden for one person to operate two or more quality monorail hoists at the same time.
10. Do not rise and fall rapidly during lifting.
11. After the operation of the quality monorail hoist is completed, it should be parked at the designated position, the hook should be raised, the power supply should be cut off, and the switch box should be locked.


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