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Safety operating procedures for cheapest Industrial hoists
Safety operating procedures for cheapest Industrial hoists
分类:INDUSTRIAL HOIST NEWS 时间: 2022-05-01 08:06
cheapest Industrial hoist

Safety operating procedures for cheapest Industrial hoists:
1. The cheapest Industrial hoist is maintained and managed by designated personnel, and the key of the power switch box is managed by designated personnel.
2. The cheapest Industrial hoist must have a hoist limiter and a travel limiter. The limiter should make the pulley stop automatically when it is lifted to a distance of 300mm from the drum or pulley. The action is sensitive and reliable, and the test suspension is carried out.
3. The cheapest Industrial hoist should have the maximum load mark, and the weight should not be overloaded during lifting and lowering.

cheapest Industrial hoist
4. After the power is turned on, check the safety devices such as the hoist limiter, travel limiter, and interlock switch.
5. Before lifting and landing, the car can only be driven after the bell rings.
6. Cheapest Industrial hoists are not allowed to carry people up and down.
7. After the work is completed, the hoist hanging plate should fall to the ground, then cut off the power supply, and close the upper and lower guardrail doors.
8. Always keep the environment around the cheapest Industrial hoist clean.


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