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Safety operation requirements for European type electric hoists
Safety operation requirements for European type electric hoists
分类:Electric Wire Rope Hoist News 时间: 2022-06-10 08:05
European type electric hoist

1. Special person operation, special person is responsible for hooking and commanding.
2. Before using the European type electric hoist, check the safety performance first, and do not use overloading and inclined lifting. When using the European type electric hoist, a certain distance should be kept between people and objects. The lifting of heavy objects is high. When people and heavy objects are far apart, two The rope above the root controls the weight and prevents it from spinning in the air.
3. It is strictly forbidden to stand near the lifting area of ​​the European type electric hoist.
4. The heavy objects to be hoisted must be raised and be 0.5 meters above the highest obstacle of the heavy object running line. It is forbidden to directly correct the rope that has been tensioned by the heavy objects by hand during work.

European type electric hoist
5. Hanging heavy objects is not allowed to stay in the air for a long time. When a temporary stay is required under special circumstances, the operator shall not leave the work post at will, and all personnel are prohibited from standing under the hanging object or passing under the hanging object.
6. The European type electric hoist is not allowed to collide with the end stop of the running track to avoid mechanical damage.
7. Pay attention to the phase line falling off or misoperation.
8. When switching between lifting and walking operations, it should be balanced before switching, and the number of jogs per hour shall not exceed 360 times.
9. The European type electric hoist needs to be repaired by professionals, cut off the power supply and be listed as a warning.
10. During the hoisting process, if any abnormal phenomenon is found or abnormal noise is heard, the hanging object should be safely lowered, and the vehicle should be stopped immediately for inspection and troubleshooting.
11. Stop the operation, cut off the power supply before leaving, and place the European type electric hoist at the specified parking point.


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