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Specification for the use of lifting tackle
Specification for the use of lifting tackle
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Specification for the use of lifting tackle
Lifting tackle is an important hoisting tool. The lifting tackle has a simple structure and is easy to use. It can repeatedly change the direction of the pulley and the tackle group and lift or move the moving objects, especially the tackle group composed of a combination of tackles. With hoisting machine, mast or other hoisting machinery, hoisting tackle is widely used in construction and installation operations


1. It cannot be used with overload, and cannot be used when the tonnage is unknown. You can check the pulley nameplate to understand its rated load.

2. Check the parts of the pulley before use. Including hooks, rings, guard plates, partitions, etc., which have serious deformation cracks, broken rims, bearing deformation, bearing wear, and inflexible rotation, and incomplete parts cannot be used.

3. The connecting part of the hoisting tackle can be rotated 360 degrees without a fixed direction when suspended.

4. For occasions where the direction of force is not fixed and high, it is more recommended to choose a hoisting block. There is a danger of unhooking of hook blocks. Hoisting tackle is divided into two types: hook or ring type. When using, make sure that the opening baffle is completely locked to ensure that the pulley is fully stressed.

5. The pulley is divided into open type and closed type. Check carefully before use. Secure the lock catch of the open block.

6. In order to prevent the hook or ring of the single-wheel block from rotating with the block during the stress process, the traction rope is twisted, and the hook or ring is tied to the guard plate with No. 8 wire.

7. When using hook block, make sure that the hook sealing plate is installed firmly.

8. Use pulleys produced by regular manufacturers. The pulley is a lifting tool, and only products that meet the national safety standards and pass the load can be put into production. It is recommended to choose Changshu Seagull brand lifting tackle. The alloy steel material is more sturdy and durable, and the hook rings are made of manganese steel. One-piece structure, Changshu Seagull builds a lifting tackle with strong bearing capacity and efficient lifting for you!


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