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The difference between hoist and electric wire rope hoist
The difference between hoist and electric wire rope hoist
分类:Electric Wire Rope Hoist News 时间: 2022-12-02 14:55
electric wire rope hoist

Electric hoist, also known as winch, is a small lifting device that uses a drum to wind a wire rope to lift or pull heavy objects. It can lift vertically, and pull heavy objects horizontally or obliquely. It can be used alone or as a component in machinery such as lifting, road building or mine hoisting. Electric wire rope hoist is a small lifting equipment, which can be installed on the I-beam alone, or it can be installed on electric or manual single-beam, double-beam, cantilever, gantry and other cranes. So what are the differences between the hoist and the electric wire rope hoist?

electric wire rope hoist
1. Lifting height
The commonly used specifications of electric wire rope hoists are generally 6 meters to 30 meters, and the common specifications of winches are 30 meters to 100 meters;
2. Limiting device
The electric wire rope hoist is equipped with a fire limiter, and the hoist does not have a fire limiter;
3. How to use
The electric wire rope hoist can not be used for vertical lifting operations, and the hoist can be used for horizontal, vertical and cable-stayed operations;
4. Winding method
The electric wire rope hoist uses a rope guide, and the wire rope is wound regularly; the hoist is not equipped with a rope guide, and the rope is wound irregularly.
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