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The key points in the application and maintenance of electric wire rope hoist
The key points in the application and maintenance of electric wire rope hoist
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electric wire rope hoist

During the construction process, the electric wire rope hoist needs to be well maintained in order to maintain a high level of work efficiency.
Admission inspection of electric wire rope hoist:
1. Open the box to check whether the manual, certificate, rain cover, pins, etc. are complete, and whether the electric wire rope hoist is damaged.
2. During the handling and hoisting of the hoist system, be careful not to drop or bump the rear casing of the motor to prevent damage to the motor braking system. After unpacking, take out the flower basket and the lower hook first, take out the upper hook of the hoist head, and avoid the lower hook from turning over in the chain at the same time.

electric wire rope hoist
Admission and storage of electric wire rope hoists:
The stacking site should be flat and not in a low-lying place to prevent the electric wire rope hoist from soaking in water after rain. The correct approach should be to leave overhead at the bottom, lay waterproof measures, and cover it with tarpaulin or plastic cloth to prevent rain after stacking neatly.
Installation and application of electric wire rope hoist:
1. Hang the upper hook with a tool, then open the wire that binds the chain, adjust the length of the turnbuckle bolt, connect the lower hook and the sensor, and protect the sensor from waterproofing. After the installation is complete, tighten the turnbuckle bolt and let the tension spring open 1-2 The force is about centimeters to tighten the upper chain.
2. Turn on the power supply of the distribution box, and the connection method of the motor outlet should be correct, firm and waterproof.
3. Manually control the lifting or lowering of the power supply, let the intermediate connector reach the appropriate position of the wall-mounted hanging piece, and fix it through the pin shaft.


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