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The purpose and function of overhead hoist maintenance
The purpose and function of overhead hoist maintenance
分类:Industry News 时间: 2021-08-17 18:35
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In the use of overhead hoist, various moving parts will inevitably suffer from wear, loose joints, oil degradation, and corrosion of metal structures, which will cause the crane's technical, economic and safety functions to decline to varying degrees. Therefore, before the wear of overhead hoist parts reaches the level that affects the failure of the crane, in order to prevent and eliminate hidden dangers, to ensure that the crane is always in an outstanding condition, the crane should be maintained and maintained. Do a good job in crane maintenance and maintenance, can play the following roles:

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1. Ensure that the overhead hoist often has outstanding skills and functions, is the normal and reliable operation of each organization, and improve its integrity rate, utilization rate and other management goals;
2. Ensure that the overhead hoist has good use function, strengthen the maintenance of structural parts, insist on reliable connection, normal operation and function of electro-hydraulic components, prevent abnormal vibration due to electromechanical elements, and meet the requirements of normal use of cranes;
3. Ensure the safe use of overhead hoist;
4. Reasonably and effectively extend the service life of the crane. Through the maintenance of the overhead hoist, the repair interval of the crane or organization is effectively extended, including the overhaul period, and then the service life of the crane is extended.


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