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The use and management of wholesale electric hoist
The use and management of wholesale electric hoist
分类:Electric Wire Rope Hoist News 时间: 2022-06-14 08:21
wholesale electric hoist

1. The installation of wholesale electric hoist must be carried out by the unit with the corresponding installation license; before the start of construction, the safety supervision department should go through the filing procedures as required. Any department shall not install it without authorization.
2. For wholesale electric hoists that have been installed and used, the users and managers should be clearly identified, and the signs and registration should be made, and files should be established for future reference.

wholesale electric hoist
3. Managers should clarify the installation location of equipment, operators and their safety and use conditions, and be responsible for formulating relevant management systems and safety technical operating procedures.
4. Establish a file ledger. The archives ledger contains technical archives and operation management document technology. The archives should include the following contents: the manufacturer of wholesale electric hoist, the product quality certificate, the operation and maintenance manual, and the installation technical documents and materials. The operation management documents of wholesale  electric hoist include: regular inspection and regular self-inspection records, daily use status records (operation records), daily maintenance records of safety accessories and safety protection devices, operation failure and accident records, etc. The file manager shall strictly follow the rules and perform the approval procedures for calling and borrowing.


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