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What are the main features of overhead hoist
What are the main features of overhead hoist
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Overhead hoist is a multi-action overhead hoist hoist that lifts and moves heavy objects vertically within a certain range, also known as a crane. It is mainly used to lift finished items, and it can also lift bulk materials and liquid materials when equipped with appropriate spreaders. Overhead hoist is usually divided into arm type overhead hoist and bridge type overhead hoist according to the structure.

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The main features of overhead hoist are:
1) The tire-type running mechanism with independent hydraulic drive for each wheel realizes the multi-working mode walking mode;
2) Hydraulic cylinder luffing mechanism, reducing equipment weight, improving luffing speed and stability;
3) The position of the turntable is moved down, and the hinge point of the boom is moved up to the middle section of the column, so that the whole machine obtains better stability, the goods jump horizontally, and the force state of the turntable is simplified;
4) The driver's cab is moved from the turntable to the column, so that the operator can get a better view;
5) Overhead hoist adopts a dual power system of diesel generator set and cable reel to reduce energy consumption during loading and unloading operations.
Overhead hoist is a typical wire rope hoisting mechanism, which is mainly composed of a motor, a coupling, a double drum and a double brake. It is suitable for the combination of lifting weight and speed under multiple working conditions.


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