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What is a customized Monorail hoist system
What is a customized Monorail hoist system
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customized Monorail hoist

Industrial lifting is performed across a wide range of applications, each requiring different types of equipment. Many businesses ask if they should be using customized Monorail hoist systems for their operations. It’s important to have a thorough understanding of the benefits and types of customized Monorail hoist to determine what’s right for your workflow. 

customized Monorail hoist
What are they?
The customized Monorail hoist systems are a type of overhead crane and hoist that moves along one axis only, to lift and lower materials.  The customized Monorail hoists can have either a wire rope, or load chain to perform the lifts, while being attached to a trolley that moves along the monorail beam. 
The customized Monorail hoist systems come in a few variations. All systems run along a single axis in a straight line, but curved beams can be introduced to service areas along a different axis. The operating systems can either be manual or electrically powered. For smaller-scale operations, manual monorail hoist systems may suffice. But for large-scale industrial applications, electric hoists are the way to go.
Electric systems can be operated by remote control, hanging pendant, or even automated with computers. Applications that handle many different materials and workflows may operate better with remote control systems and companies that constantly repeat the same workflow could be better suited for automated processes.


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