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What is the lifting height of Monorail hoist
What is the lifting height of Monorail hoist
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Many non-professional Monorail hoist purchasers do not know the product very well, so every time a salesperson asks about the demand, many are at a loss. Frequently asked questions such as: What is the lifting height of Monorail hoist? Regarding this question, Pengxiang Lifting has compiled the answers for your reference.

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When mentioning the lifting height h of Monorail hoist, it actually refers to the distance from the bottom of the running track to the lowest point of the hook. Some Monorail hoist lifting devices are lowered to the ground or below the top of the track, and the lowering interval is called descending. depth. At this time, the Monorail hoist must not exceed the lifting height in actual use.
The lifting height of the wire rope Monorail hoist refers to the distance between the upper limit position and the lower limit position of the hook, and the lifting height of the hoist can be changed by adjusting the upper and lower stroke protection fire limiter.
  The lifting height of Monorail hoist is a problem that buyers must understand. Only when they know the nature of the product to buy, can the salesperson recommend the correct model to you according to your needs, so that you won't be wasting money.


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