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When the Monorail hoist crane is running, the motor sometimes makes abnormal noises
When the Monorail hoist crane is running, the motor sometimes makes abnormal noises
分类:Industry News 时间: 2021-10-12 16:42
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When Monorail hoist cranes are running, the motor sometimes makes abnormal noises. What is the reason? Is it the quality of the crane? When Monorail hoist runs, there are abnormal noises. Many faults of Monorail hoist, such as control appliances, motors or reducers, etc., It is often accompanied by abnormal noise. The location, height and tone of these noises are different depending on the cause of the fault. The manufacturer of Monorail hoist tells you to listen and read more. You can use or determine the location of the sound according to the characteristics of the fault sound, and look for it. And troubleshooting.

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1. Abnormal noise occurs on the control circuit and makes a "hum" noise. The Monorail hoist manufacturer tells you that the contactor is generally faulty (such as poor contact of the AC contactor, inconsistent voltage level, stuck magnetic core, etc.) , The faulty contactor should be inspected and repaired. If it cannot be repaired, it must be replaced. After handling, the noise will be eliminated by itself.
2. The manufacturer of Monorail hoist tells you that the motor emits abnormal noise, and you should stop it immediately to check whether the motor is single-phase running, or whether the motor is running in a single phase, or whether the bearing is damaged, the coupling axis is not correct, and the "sweeping" faults will cause the motor to make abnormal noises. The sound position of the fault is different from its high and low sound. When single-phase is running, the whole motor emits a regular "buzzing" sound; when the bearing is damaged, it will emit a "cock-cock" sound in the vicinity of the bearing. "Buzzing" sound; when the shaft of the coupling is not correct, or the motor is slightly sweeping the bore, the entire motor emits a very high "buzzing" sound, accompanied by sharp and piercing sounds from time to time. In short, according to the difference in noise, the fault should be found, and the maintenance should be carried out one by one to restore the normal performance of the motor. When the motor fault has not been dealt with, the use of the hoist is prohibited.
3. The abnormal noise of Monorail hoist is emitted from the reducer, and the reducer fails (such as the reduction box or bearing lack of lubricating oil, gear wear or damage, bearing damage, etc.), the Monorail hoist manufacturer tells you that you should stop the machine for inspection at this time, and first determine the deceleration Whether the gearbox or bearing of the reducer is lubricated before use, and whether the lubricating oil is changed regularly during use. If it is not lubricated as required, the reducer will not only produce excessive "buzzing" sound, but also excessive wear or damage to the gear And bearings.


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