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Which parts of the monorail hoist for industry are easily damaged?
Which parts of the monorail hoist for industry are easily damaged?
分类:Industry News 时间: 2022-10-27 14:51
monorail hoist for industry

The monorail hoist for industry is a necessary handling equipment for many factories, logistics and warehousing. After a period of use, there will be some failures, such as the cart will still slide forward after stopping, which is caused by the wear of the brake pads. This has nothing to do with the quality of the monorail hoist for industry, because the brake pads are wearing parts, and no matter what kind of driving, the brake pads will wear out. So what are the wearing parts of the monorail hoist for industry?

monorail hoist for industry
1. Steel wire rope
The wire rope is fixed on the electric hoist drum to carry the suspended heavy objects, and its wear degree affects the bearing capacity of the wire rope. Long-term use will cause certain wear and tear to the wire rope. When the size of the wire rope does not match the rope groove of the drum, the wear is more serious. When the wear of the wire rope reaches a certain level, it will be scrapped and replaced.
2. Wire and cable
The use environment has a great influence on the wires and cables of the monorail hoist for industry, such as high temperature and corrosive gas. Wires and cables that are often exposed to high temperatures are prone to aging and cause safety accidents. Therefore, the wires and cables should be checked for aging and damage after one year of use, and replaced immediately if necessary.
3. Cushion
The bumper is installed on the end beam to reduce the impact force of the vehicle running to one end of the track. The wear of the cushion is related to the frequency of driving, and it should be replaced immediately when it is found that the cushion is damaged.
4. Brake pads
The stopping operation of the monorail hoist for industry is braked by the braking device in the motor. When the brake pads are worn to a certain extent, brake slippage or hook slippage occurs. At this time, it is necessary to manually adjust the braking distance of the brake pads. Brake pads should also be replaced immediately when they are severely worn.


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