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Daily maintenance and repair items of customized hoist motor
Daily maintenance and repair items of customized hoist motor
分类:HOIST MOTOR NEWS 时间: 2022-05-26 08:51
customized hoist motor

The customized hoist motor is composed of stator frame, winding and insulating material, rotor, bearing at both ends and end cover, etc., which is relatively simple. The customized hoist motor has the characteristics of large overload capacity, high mechanical strength, wide speed regulation range and stable operation. In the frequency conversion speed regulation transmission system of hoisting machinery and metallurgical auxiliary machinery equipment; with high-precision sensors, high-precision closed-loop operation can be realized.

customized hoist motor
Most of the damage to the customized hoist motor is caused by the poor daily inspection of the maintenance personnel. As long as the daily maintenance is adhered to, these unnecessary losses can be avoided. Check the size and change of the working current of the customized hoist motor during daily inspections, and see if there is water leakage or dripping around, which will cause low breakdown of the motor insulation and burn out.
It is also necessary to check whether there are objects on the periphery of the customized hoist motor that affect its ventilation and heat dissipation environment; see whether the fan end cover, fan blades and the outside of the motor are too dirty and need to be cleaned; to ensure its cooling and heat dissipation effect. To hear whether the running sound of the customized hoist motor is abnormal, you can use auxiliary tools such as screwdrivers or listening sticks to listen to both ends of the motor.


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