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Daily maintenance of discount Industrial hoist
Daily maintenance of discount Industrial hoist
分类:INDUSTRIAL HOIST NEWS 时间: 2022-04-29 16:01
discount Industrial hoist

Daily maintenance of discount Industrial hoist:
1. The operator should regularly select the professional lubricating oil on the market for the lubricating procedures of the various structures of the discount Industrial hoist and the parts that need to be lubricated in accordance with the relevant regulations.
2. During maintenance, remember to cut off the power supply of the equipment, and then hang up the relevant prohibition signs, and in the process of maintenance, special personnel shall supervise and record.

discount Industrial hoist
3. Discount Industrial hoist cannot be shut down for maintenance without authorization during the operation process. All maintenance work needs to be carried out after the shutdown.
4. If the parts of discount Industrial hoist are found to be faulty or loose during the maintenance process, you need to choose the same parts as the original ones to replace.
5. The tightening, cleaning and anti-corrosion measures for discount Industrial hoist need to be carried out regularly.
6. For steel wire ropes and related structural parts, they should be replaced with new ones according to the degree of wear and failure during the maintenance process.
7. During the operation of discount Industrial hoist, attention should be paid to whether there is odor or abnormal phenomenon, and whether the temperature meets the requirements.


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