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What are the reasons for the safety hazards of cranes for lifting
What are the reasons for the safety hazards of cranes for lifting
分类:Industry News 时间: 2022-09-29 11:54
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There are several reasons for the safety hazards of using cranes for lifting:
(1) Overload work
Sometimes, in order to reduce the cost of use, companies often increase the operation of the equipment and output the maximum production capacity within a limited lease time, resulting in the fatigue operation of the equipment, and the long-term irregular operation will not only affect the performance of the crane for lifting, but also increase the failure. probability of occurrence.

cranes for lifting
(2) Maintenance is not timely
Most of the cranes for lifting operate in the open air environment, and because of frequent handling, loading and unloading of goods, there is a lot of ash. In addition, after a long time of wind and sun, the metal shell on the surface will be seriously corroded. If the crane for lifting is not properly maintained and maintained in time, problems such as bolt loosening and overall instability will easily occur. The performance of the crane for lifting will also be damaged.
(3) Maintenance is not in place
The regular inspection of the crane for lifting should be based on the operating environment and frequency of use to determine the maintenance cycle. In the actual use process, if the staff fails to find hidden dangers in time, the hidden dangers will become more and more serious, which will affect the safety of the crane for lifting. For example, the main parts of the equipment are damaged to varying degrees, but the staff failed to find it in time.


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