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How to choose the right cheapest electric hoist
How to choose the right cheapest electric hoist
分类:Electric Wire Rope Hoist News 时间: 2022-06-13 08:56
cheapest electric hoist

1. Lifting height and weight
Although it is a bit of a cliché, this is the basic function of an cheapest electric hoist. Talking about an cheapest electric hoist is empty talk without knowing the height and weight. Only by determining these two most basic factors can you start to choose an electric hoist.
So how to choose the weight of the cheapest electric hoist, the material weight + packaging weight + hook (or other fixture) weight X0.7 is the minimum weight of the hoist selection, and the maximum weight is determined according to the budget and plant planning. The height generally refers to the effective height, and it is necessary to determine in advance whether it is the height that is lifted from the ground or the height that starts to rise from a certain point or surface;
2. Working area voltage
The common industrial electricity in China is 3-phase 380V and single-phase 220V, so first confirm the voltage of the working area before choosing an cheapest electric hoist, in case the purchased one cannot adapt to the voltage;

cheapest electric hoist
3. Work station rhythm
According to the application frequency of the station and the application status of the workpiece, the transfer speed of the cheapest electric hoist is selected, whether it is single speed, double speed, variable frequency or stepless speed change, whether it is a fixed hook type, a fixed lock type, a hand push type or a type, etc. Of course, the trolley The speed of operation also needs to be selected;
4. Site Factors
According to the needs of the workplace, choose a single-function electric hoist or a composite electric hoist, ordinary electric hoist, explosion-proof electric hoist or clean electric hoist, anti-corrosion electric hoist or high temperature electric hoist, etc.


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